The noConflict() method in jQuery is used to resolve conflicts.

How if you really want the to choose other tools and still use jQuery on your pages?

JavaScript Frameworks such as jQuery and some of the different one.

The $ sign is a shortcut for jQuery, as some of you may realise.

Other popular JavaScript frameworks encompass Angular, Backbone, Ember, Knockout, and several others.

What if the $ sign is sometimes used as a shortcut by other JavaScript frameworks?

If two frameworks communicate a shortcut, one of them could stop functioning.

This same jQuery team has already viewed this, and the noConflict() method has just been incorporated.

The noConflict() method of jQuery

Other scripts can use the $ shortcut identifier just after noConflict() technique liberates the control on it.

Of course, individuals can still use jQuery by having to type the full name rather than just the quick route:



It's also very simple to make your own shortcut. The noConflict() technique gets back a jQuery reference, which you should save in an attribute for later use. hence, As an illustration, consider the following:



Users can transfer the $ sign in as a variable to the ready technique if you have a block of plugin code that uses the $ shortest route and you wouldn't want to change it all. This allows you to use $ to access jQuery within this function; outside it, you must use "jQuery":



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