Start to Add Jquery on Web Pages

There are mainly two ways to initiate with the Jquery on Website. 

  • By simply Log on to and Download the same.
  • By just Including CDN (Jquery), Such as Google.

Download - Jquery

for the sole purpose of downloading jQuery, currently there two versions:

  • Production Type : It is a compressed version and hence, it is for live website.
  • Development Type: It can be used for development and testing simultaneously. It is a readable and uncompressed at the same time. 

It is a single File only (JavaScript) and Vesions can be downloaded via 

jQuery CDN

In case one does not want to download, then it can also be possible though CDN - Content Delivery Network. 

The below code is to show how Google Host Jquety :


Elementary Merit of Using the "Hosted" Jquery (From Google):

It helps to load the file faster than rest of the options available here. Numerous  users have an experience of getting the Jquery file from google while visiting another sites. The closest server will deliver the Jquery file and that is the main task of CDN here. Cache loaded site will also get it done faster when one uses google for the JQuery.