CSS Classes with jQuery

It is simple to change the design of elements with jQuery.

CSS Deception with jQuery

For CSS manipulation, jQuery provides several methods. We will investigate the following procedures:

addClass() - Assigns each maybe more lessons to the elements in the selection.

Eliminates each or even more lessons from the various components using removeClass().

toggleClass() - Adjusts yet if lessons are eliminated from the respective items.

css() - This forms of active or gets back the style attribute.

Stylesheet Illustration

All of the illustrations on this site will use the very next stylesheet:

.important {

  font-weight: bold;

  font-size: xx-large;


.blue {

  color: blue;


Proposed technique addClass() in jQuery

The illustration below shows how and where to add class characteristics to different elements. When adding classes, you can, of course, select multiple elements:



Users could also use the addClass() method to clarify various classes:



removeClass() is a jQuery function that removes a class.

The following example demonstrates where to eliminate a particular class attribute from various components:



toggleClass() jQuery Method

The toggleClass() method of jQuery is shown in example. This method allows you to add/remove classes from the elements you've chosen:



CSS Method in jQuery

The next section will go over the jQuery css() method.