jQuery Foundation

To be able to use JavaScript online with utter easiness and trouble-free, one can use JQuery for sure.


Basics to know before going ahead

It is important to know below terminologies before trying on Jquery.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

(In Case you don’t know the above terminologies, kindly go to the Home Page Learn the same.)

Define "Jquery"

If You wish get more against less writing , then Jquery is perfect for you because it converts many common tasts to single code.

The Elementary motive of Jquery is to simplify the "JavaScript" on Website along with DOM manipulation, AJAX Call.

JQuery Library shines with some unique characteristics.

  • CSS manipulation
  • Utilities
  • AJAX
  • Effects and animations
  • Utilities
  • HTML/DOM manipulation

Bonus Point : Its has Plugins for almost all tasks. 

Jquery? Hmm…But Why?

The Popularity and relevancy that Jquery get for its simplicity is the reason behind Miscrosoft, IBM, Neflix, Google and other Biggies use Jquery On Web.

Does jQuery work in all browsers?

It Supports almost all popular browsers and hence, there is no worry. Its foundation is based on Unanimous platform.